What I’ve Read – October 2023

Happy Birthday to Me! It was my birthday early in October, and I admit to milking it for all its worth and stretching it out for as long as I could!

Here are the books I read during October:

  • Some Days: A Tale of Love, Ice Cream, and my Mom’s Chronic Illness by Julie A Stamm & Chamisa Kellogg – I picked up this book in a book sale and it’s a great one for kids who have mother’s with a chronic illness. This one is about a mum with MS, however many of the tips apply to any parent with a chronic illness.
  • I Want a Boyfriend by Tony Ross – this is one of the Little Princess series and has a great message of ‘be careful what you wish for’ as things may not be what you expect.
  • The Murder of Mr Wickham by Claudia Gray – This is a mash up of Jane Austin characters weaved together in a murder mystery where Mr Wickam is the victim. This took longer to read than I expected, however the way the author tied together all the characters was interesting.
  • A Friend Like Mine by Samantha Warne & Matt Howrth – a lovely picture book to show kids that just because they may look different to each other, they can still be friends.
  • It Was Supposed to be Sunny by Samantha Cotterill – a picture book showing that even though things don’t go to plan, everything can still work out. A book featuring an autistic character.
  • Talking is Not My Thing by Rose Robbins – a picture book that shows that, while a child may not talk, that doesn’t mean they can’t communicate. A story featuring an autistic character.
  • Five Bush Weddings by Clare Fletcher – I listened to this as an audiobook on Borrow Box and enjoyed this story set mostly in remote areas of Queensland and featured a variety of weddings.
  • Little Victories by Yvon Roy – a graphic novel that showed a parent’s view of life with an autistic child.
  • Never Give Up on Your Dreams by Michael Wong- a picture book that has an encouraging message for kids to not give up on their dreams.

As you can see, picture books are back! Many were for an assessment, however it was great to get back reading picture books.

I have increased my reading goal for the year to 80 books for the year.

What did you read during October?

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