What I’ve Read – November 2019

November has been another month with a mix of audio books, ebooks, and print books! The last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling better than I have in ages, so I’ve been making more time to read than I had been.

Driving to and from Melbourne, I listened to Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor and I finally got to listen to Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables by Tim Harris. I have listened to the three books after it, but not the first one!

My monthly writing group has ended for the year, meaning I will be doing less driving, however I have started to listen to audio books while doing housework. It makes the job much more interesting, and I’m getting through more audio books this way! I love the Borrow Box app through my local library as it doesn’t cost me anything to borrow these books.

I have been on the hunt for some Australian Christmas novella’s. This started when I began seeing novella’s by Australian authors that were set in a Winter Christmas. The first of these that I found and read is All is Bright: An Aussie Christmas Novella by Andrea Grigg. This is also the first of Andrea’s books I’ve read. It was a fun story and it was great being set during a Summer Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I bought a copy of The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey. It’s for one of my nephews, but I had to read it first. It’s very funny and a quick read.

This brings me to picture books. The first book was Raymund and the Fear Monster by Megan Higginson and Ester de Boer, friends of mine who launched their book a couple of weeks ago. I also enjoyed reading two new picture books by Hayley Apelt – Boys and Girls and All of Us Are Special.

What books did you read during November?

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She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two sons and a pet blue tongue lizard.

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