What I’ve Read – January 2017

To get this blog moving, at the start of each month, I’ll share a summary of what books I’ve read the previous month. You can read all my reviews on my GoodReads profile.

January was a great month for reading. My 13 year old son and I went on camp for a week and we managed to listen to two audio books and I read a few books!

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory was my first book for January. I started it at Christmas time as it was a gift from my 13 year old son. I have wanted to read books by Philippa Gregory for quite some time, and I found it a fascinating story of Katherine of Aragon.

The Lying Carpet by David Lucas and Faking It by Pete Johnson were the two audio books we listened to while driving to and from camp. Usually we listen to music or the radio, so listening to audio books with my son made a nice change.

While on camp, I managed to read four books! Ellie’s War by Emily Sharratt is set during World War 1 and I thought the cover looked interesting. It’s a YA book and was an interesting start to the series. The Mummyfesto by Linda Green was one I thought would be light and fluffy, but was actually quite a tear jerker and dealt with a number of issues facing parents.

Reinventing Emma by Emma Gee was a book my Aunt lent me as I’ve been doing some research on strokes for a book I’m writing. This is the fascinating true story of a 24 year old who had a stroke and her life afterwards.

The fourth book I read on camp was Summer with my Sister by Lucy Diamond. This was a light hearted read that dealt with relationships between sisters as well as finding a life you love.

On my return, I read How to find love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry. With a title like that, I couldn’t help but pick it up! I also read Zombie Inspiration by Adam Wallace and a number of fractured fairy tales.

On the reading front, it’s been a fantastic start to the year!

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