What I’ve Read – February 2018

February has been another great month for reading, though not quite as many books as I read in January! There were a total of 10 books, including finishing one audio book. For some reason, one of the books wasn’t recorded on GoodReads!

I started the month reading The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene. I borrowed this book from the library after being attracted by the teacups on the cover. This was following a discussion with a friend about enjoying books with teacups on the front! I really enjoyed this story about three women who become friends after connecting over vintage teacups.

There were four picture books, two I read to my nephews, and two I read before I gave them to my nephews for Book Giving Day. I love reading picture books, and not just because they increase my book count… It’s also a special time sharing these with my nephews.

I read two chapter books. One was Ruby Lane by RJ Simon. I enjoyed this book, but I think kids will love it! The other one was Hey Jack – The Circus Lesson by Sally Rippon. I read this one quickly before giving it to my nephew on Book Giving Day.

The audiobook we finished was Horrie the War Dog by Roland Perry. We borrowed it from the library back in January, however technical issues with our CD player meant that it took us a while to listen to it. It’s a great war adventure, though it does give away the ending at the very beginning.

To finish off the month, I read Climbing the Coconut Tree by S.C. Karakaltsas and French Kiss by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo. Both of these were good reads, and they count towards the PopSugar Reading Challenge too.

I currently have 2 books on the go, one is Celebrant Sleuth: I do… or die by Hazel Edwards, and the other is The King’s Concubine by Anne O’Brien. The Hazel Edwards book is an eBook, so it’s being read slowly as it’s not my preferred format. I’ve just started the Anne O’Brien book. Both of these I’m enjoying so far and hope to share reviews very soon.

According to GoodReads, I’ve read 28 out of my goal of 55 books for the year. I might have to increase this goal!

What did you read during February?

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