What I’ve Read – April 2022

It’s the first day of May already. It seems only yesterday I was posting my books from March!

My month of reading was interrupted by a couple of cases of covid in the house. Thankfully it missed me, however one of my kids & his girlfriend tested positive, and I was caring for them as they isolated away from the rest of us.

I have mentioned before, I was a judge for the Forevability Awards. The winners were announced during April and I’ve decided to read as many of the winners that I can get my hands on. Obviously, I have read the picture books, but not the others. You can view details of all the winners here.

I started with The Thing About Oliver by Deborah Kelly. This is a lovely story about a girl with an autistic brother.

The next book I read was Escape from the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz. This is book two from my TBR pile and the fourth book of The Descendants series. I enjoyed this series and the imagining of the children of the Disney villains.

I’ve also listened to two audiobooks. The first was The Right Way to Rock by Nat Amoore. I bought this book for my sister during lockdown when it was first released as she’s a music teacher and this story is about the difference a music teacher and music education can make. I was really excited to find this as an audiobook.

The other audiobook was Help Around the House by Morris Gleitzman. This was an interesting story, especially in light of the federal election that is coming up.

I am making progress on The Jam Queens by Josephine Moon. It’s slow going due to time, however I’m really enjoying it so far. I also started All That Happened at Number 26 by Denise Scott as I was looking for a book to read and couldn’t get to my copy of The Jam Queens!

I’m hoping to get more reading done during May, and I’m on the lookout for some awesome audiobooks I can read during long drives. They need to be available on Borrow Box, if you have any that you’d like to recommend.

I hope you read some great books during April.

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She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two sons and a pet blue tongue lizard.

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