What I’ve Read – December 2020

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe it’s the first day of 2021.

As predicted, my son working in a book shop has been dangerous! Although it was also amazing to be able to give him a list of books for Christmas gifts so he could do shopping for me, and that saved me money as only those books were purchased and not too many extra books were purchased…

I did purchase Pandemic by Jackie French. This was a great story and it’s worth reading the bios at the end about how the book came to be.

Macca and Al Super Pals by Matt Cosgrove was purchased for my 4 year old, super hero loving, nephew. I had to read it before we gave it to him to make sure he would love it (he did). Grump by Jonathan Bentley was purchased for my dad. Again, we had to read it first!

Pirate Pete and his Parrot by Jenny Woods was given to my nephew for Christmas and he got me to read it to him. A cheeky purple parrot was so much fun to read about.

I won a copy of Zeroes & Ones by Cristy Burne. This is a non-fiction book about the invention of computers and the Internet aimed at a middle grade audience. I found it fascinating.

The start of a new book series, Gus Makes A Fuss by Ella Shine was available to try, so I read it and it was a lot of fun. I also read To Help an Elf by Teena Raffa-Mulligan while on a hunt for Christmas books to add to another website.

For the Christmas season, Steena Holmes, under her pen name Steena Marie, put out The Promise of Christmas for free download. I enjoyed this story and it’s another series I want to continue.

To finish off the year, I listened to Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables on the Lookout by Tim Harris.

This brings my total number of books read during 2020 to 83 books!

I hope you were successful in your reading and welcome to 2021.

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Melissa Gijsbers started writing when she was in High School during the 1990s, even winning some awards for a short story and a script. For many years, life got in the way of creative writing, however she did start blogging around 2006.

She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two sons and a pet blue tongue lizard.

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