Cubing for CFS

Tuesday was Chronic Fatigue Awareness Day, but today was the day we had an event to mark the occasion.

My 11 year old son has chronic fatigue, and this is an illness that impacts the whole family. My 13 year old decided to do a fundraiser at his school to raise funds and awareness. He decided to use his Rubik’s Cube for this – for a gold coin donation, students could guess how many solves he would do in half an hour. The final tally was 65 solves, that’s just over 2 solves per minute! The money is still being counted.

On the way to 65 solves
On the way to 65 solves

This event has sparked a story idea or two, and my ideas book is filling up quickly. Last year, I was on a hunt for books about chronic fatigue where a child was the one who had it – and I haven’t been able to find any. It’s been suggested a few times that I should write one. I’ve started a few drafts, but then get stuck. These new ideas, I like a lot and are coming together nicely.

Most people who have chronic fatigue are teenagers and adults, but there are kids who get it too. I hope that I can write stories that will help others who are living with chronic fatigue or who have family members with it.

If you would like to donate to Emerge Australia Inc to help them with their work supporting families with chronic fatigue, click here.

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