Chocolate Prompt for Christmas

This time of year is always met with a tinge of sadness as it’s the final session of Young Writers Group of the year.

As promised, we finished the year with a favourite – The Chocolate Writing Prompt. This time, I chose a different box of the Cadbury Favourite’s chocolates, it was the Party Edition, so there was a different selection of chocolates than normal. I dusted off the elf tin that I bought last year and filled it up.

The kids each chose three chocolates and were instructed to add a Christmas twist to their stories.

We had three new members to the group who had never done the Chocolate Writing Prompt before. After a quick explanation of how the prompt works and the kids got writing, as well as eating chocolate (one of the best things about this prompt). Some of the regulars initially struggled to find a new angle, until I pointed out that many of the chocolates they had hadn’t been used before!

Writing time was fairly noisy – a mix of chocolate and excitement. I’m sure there was a tinge of sadness that this was the last session for the year.

There was a great sharing time. The new chocolates gave the kids some great ideas for their stories.

This only left one more thing to do – I had bought some lovely bell Christmas-tree decorations to give the kids. As much as I would love to give a small personalised gift to each member, I never know from week to week who will be there, so I keep my eye out for something I can pass out to the kids. Part of me hopes they will use this decoration as a writing prompt over the holidays.

I’m already looking forward to the School Holiday session in January, and the regular group starting up again in February.

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