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Book Week is coming up soon in Australia. My social media is full of posts from parents asking about costumes for their kids.

As an author, I would love for kids to dress up as one of my characters, so here is a handy guide in case your child would like to dress up as a character from one of my books.

  • Sam from Swallow Me, NOW! – hair in two braids, school uniform (the Green Oaks Primary School uniform is bottle green, but your uniform would work), and a warm, pink jacket
  • Tony from 3…2…1…Done! – School uniform (the Green Oaks Primary School uniform is bottle green, but your uniform would work), and a Rubiks cube. A little brother in uniform can also be added if you choose
  • Lizzy from Lizzy’s Dragon – Jeans and a hoodie with either a strange looking egg or a dragon as accessories. Optional little brother can be added
  • Characters from My Princess Wears a Superhero Cape – a princess dress of any kind, along with a superhero cape! These can be any princess and any superhero, after all, princesses can be whoever they want to be!
  • Mum from My Mummy is Evil – black dress and bright, pink wig, or anything to look like an ‘evil’ parent!
  • Kid from My Mummy is Evil – normal clothes and possibly carrying empty chocolate cereal box, or even blueprints or a gadget that they found in the bottom of their toy box!

I hope this can give you some ideas for book week costumes from my books. If you or your child does dress as one of my characters, I would love to see a photo.

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