What I’ve Read – March 2022

Happy April Fool’s Day! March was a great month for reading. I finished the first six books chosen and chose another six books, as well as read picture books and listened to audio books.

The first book I read was Paws, the new middle grade book by Kate Foster. I loved this book that features a main character with autism. The Secret of the Swords by Frances Watts was the first of my new mini TBR pile. It was a short read and a lot of fun.

So This Is Love by Elizabeth Lim is a YA book that was recommended by kids in a book club I run that is a retelling of Cinderella. This was the sixth book in my first TBR mini pile.

I also listened to Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer on audiobook. This was a fun story by the same author of The Luna Chronicles, a series I read a few years ago and really enjoyed. Instant Karma was quite different, but still enjoyable. The other audiobook was Paper Planes by Steve Worland. This is based on the movie, which I really enjoyed. The book was great and I’ve recommended it to a few young readers too.

For picture books, I read How (not) to Annoy Mum by Dave Hughes, Holly Ife, and Heath McKenzie. This was a fun picture book for Mother’s Day.

There were a number of other picture books too as part of the Forevability Awards.

This brings my official number of books read for the year to 29, however there are a number of titles that aren’t listed on GoodReads.

How was your reading during March?

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She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two sons and a pet blue tongue lizard.

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