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This afternoon in Virtual Writers Group, the kids requested a random word writing prompt. This is a prompt where I give five random words that may or may not be related, and then you come up with a story that includes those words somehow. I picked five words and they set to work.

One of the participants finished early and asked if he could give me five words to challenge me to write a story based on his words. I agreed as it sounded fun. These are the words he set me:

Helicopter, Mountain, Wise Owls, House, Forest, Camera

Here is my story:

The house sat quietly on the top of the mountain. It was peaceful and, since the people had left, wise owls had set up residence and the forest had grown up to the door. The house was all but forgotten.

It wasn’t until Mike flew past in a helicopter, camera in hand. He was surprised to see the abandoned house on the mountain, surrounded by forest and inhabited by wise owls.

That is pretty much what I wrote, I have just cleared up some spelling and a couple of words here and there. It was a fun challenge and the kids enjoyed my efforts. They were also amazed that I had been able to link all the words.

For any writers out there, if you are stuck and looking for a challenge, pick some random words and write a story.

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She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two sons and a pet blue tongue lizard.

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