Keeping Warm in Monash

It’s freezing at the moment. Even driving to Young Writers Group in Mount Waverley today, I was blasting the heater. What better writing prompt, than to find out creative ways to stay warm.

This was the first question today: List creative ways to keep warm.

Here is what we came up with:

We have everything here from the realistic to the weird. In this exercise, nothing was too ‘out there’. I wrote everything down. I’m still not sure how melting ice will help keep you warm, but that’s alright.

Once we had this list, the instructions were to choose at least one of these items and write a story about keeping warm using one of these methods.

For some reason, most participants chose to write stories about eating the sun, or attempting to eat the sun, as a way to keep warm! We had everything from a throw away line being taken literally to people trying to invent rockets to get to the sun to harvest the heat for food.

When I came up with the idea for this prompt, I didn’t predict most of the items on the list, let alone the stories that came from them. Imaginations work in such wonderful ways.

This was one activity that caused a lot of laughter and discussion with coming up with the suggestions, asking questions during writing time, and then enjoying everyone’s stories.

Everyone had the same instructions – write a story about a creative way to keep warm – and they all came up with vastly different responses. It was awesome!

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