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As I write this, it has been announced that Victoria, where I live, is extending Lockdown number 5 for another 7 days. South Australia has also announced a 7 day lockdown and New South Wales is in week 5 of lockdown. This is all due to the Delta variant of COVID-19.

Even 18  months on, COVID-19 can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in children, as well as adults.

Stories can go a long way to help explain what is going on and the comfort of sitting together and sharing a story can help kids feel safe and loved. It can also help the grown ups who are reading those stories to feel warm and loved too.

There are a lot of fantastic books that have been written about COVID-19 for young people, here are a few that I’ve read. You can purchase from the links I’ve used or request them in your local library.

Oma & Opa’s Song by Jenny Gillan

During the first lockdown in 2020, Jenny Gillan wrote a song to explain to her nephew why he couldn’t spend time with his grandparents. This song went viral and is now a gorgeous picture book with a message to children and grandparents that they are loved no matter how far apart they are.

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Superheroes Wear Masks by Chris Stead

Wearing masks can be scary for kids, as well as seeing grown ups wearing masks.

With mask mandates changing, and many people choosing to wear masks even when they aren’t mandated, Superheroes Wear Masks shows kids that many people in society wear masks every day to keep them safe.

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We’re All in This Together by Skye Hughes

In a picture book aimed at primary school children, Skye Hughes looks at the experiences of six students as they experience remote learning. It shows that, while their experiences are different, they are also similar, and they are all looking forward to being back in class together again.

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Rona Stole My Fun by Chandra Clements

A four year old shares her story about COVID-19 and about not letting it steal her fun. Even though she can’t see her grandparents, she understands that lockdown and staying apart for a while is what needs to be done.

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When the World Went Inside by Charlie Golding

A book that explains coronavirus to children and how simple changes can help keep us all safe.

I haven’t read this story yet, but I’ve heard it’s fantastic and one that is extremely helpful to explain to kids what is going on.

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Windows by Patrick Guest and Jonathan Bentley

A lovely book that shows kids they are not alone in isolating at home. It shows that there are interesting things to look at and hope that this will end one day.

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There are a lot of fantastic stories out there. If there are any books that should be added to this list, please let me know. For all of you in lockdown, whether or not you’re doing remote learning too, stay safe and enjoy a good book.

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