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September & October is a mini birthday marathon in my family. My nephew, sister, and I all have birthdays in the space of two weeks, as well as my kids dad, and, of course, Father’s Day (I know that’s not a birthday, but it’s still a gift-giving occasion). There’s another one in June/July, as well as other birthdays during the year.

In my family, I’m known for gifting books. I love finding books that I think my nephews will love, and my nephew’s know that if there is a book they want, then I’m the one to ask.

Back in June, I was disorganised for my nephew’s birthdays, and think I started a new tradition, one you might want to try in your family.

My nephew’s currently live a two hour drive from me, and it’s hard to get together on their birthdays. This year, I was particularly disorganised. I knew my nephew’s birthday was coming up, we’d even had a discussion about the book he wanted. On the day, I hadn’t bought anything, and started to panic.

Then I had a brainwave.

I called Turn the Page bookshop in Cowes, the closest independent bookshop to his home and ordered the book that he wanted. I paid for it, and the shop wrapped it and held it behind the counter for him to pick up after school. I sent his mum a text to let him know there was something waiting in the bookshop for him.

This was met with much excitement. Not only did he get a present, but also got a special trip out to pick it up!

It was such a success, I did the same thing for his brother for his birthday a few weeks later. He phoned me and I was given a running commentary on him unwrapping his present!

The third nephew in this family has his birthday in September and I have a suspicion he may want the same thing.

My tip for you, if you’re buying books for a present, contact an independent bookshop near where that person lives and order a book from there. They may giftwrap the book for you and hold for the birthday person to pick up. The trip to pick up the book can add to the excitement of the day.

Instead of ordering online, ring the bookshop to see if they have the book you want in stock, or ask for their recommendations. You can sit and do a search on the book to check out blurbs and reviews if you need to.

Gifting books this way helps support local independent bookshops as well as giving an experience to the birthday person.

By the way, my nephews loved their books and I’m looking forward to finding books for future birthdays. I may even do my Christmas shopping this way too!

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