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“The Beginning” Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

Now that I know what I want the story to be like, I need to work out where it starts. As this is the first book, I was thinking that it could start before the first stop when he is first recruited into the good guys organisation, however I’m starting to think that this will give away too much unnecessary information.

As there will be three stops, the story could start at any of these three points, though the general consensus from the Chapter Book Challenge group seems to be that it should start before the first stop…

The opening of any book is important, so it’s worth spending time working out the right point to begin. There are a number of points that could be a logical start, it’s now working out which would be best. I have got one idea of how each book could begin, however that won’t be the starting point of the actual story itself.

There are also a few extra details I need to research, such as the vehicle they use to get around on. It could either be a vintage car or a vintage motorbike, I just need to decide which one. When we went on the collections tour at Scienceworks last week, we saw some cool cars and motorbikes that could fit in well with the story. One thing I do know is that each book will have a different mode of transport. Do you have any preference – car or bike?

I have played around with some of the inside bits – the stops along the way. I just need to work out the beginning.

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