The Music In Me – Anthology

TheMusicInMe-200Published – March 2016

Publisher – Monash Public Library Service and Lilly Pilly Publishing

Blurb –  Whoever had pronounced the sky to be blue had lied. Or was it just that the world was colourless from the busyness of life. Perhaps we need the secret book with the gold lettering from Simmons, the librarian. Perhaps this is our hope…

“In order to restore light to a world completely  grey
The chosen must play a song to make the plague of sadness slink away
In the old sacred building sits an organ laden with ivory keys
Play from the heart so happiness can be felt within the breeze”

Music. Captivating. Releasing. Awakening. Healing. Words to ponder, entertain and stir, by Monash Teen Writers.

Available through Monash Public Library Service

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