Talk Like a Pirate Day – and a giveaway

Over on my writing blog, I was a day early... Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It's a day when we we put on our best pirate accents and tell people to "Walk the Plank". Something fun to do today is to change the language on Facebook from English to Pirate English (do it, it's funny). If you missed the news, the second Teapot Tales is now out and the theme this year is Pirates, … [Read more...]

My First Book Reading

As I said last week, I was invited to read on of my stories from Teapot Tales to the Oakleigh Writers Club through Write Away With Me. Well, today was the big day, and I was slightly nervous, though with a busy day of looking after a sick 9 year old and my day job, I didn't have much time to worry about it. The biggest decision was which story I was going to read. Of the three of us in this … [Read more...]

Teapot Tales – three tales by Melissa Gijsbers

The Frog Prince Rapunzel The Princess and the Pea The three tales by Melissa Gijsbers are retellings of some of the most famous fairy tales.  They are family friendly and put a playful twist on the original plot, providing freshness and a new sense of discovery to the stories.  Additionally, each story is retold for the modern world and gives each formerly helpless heroine a truly … [Read more...]

Reading Teapot Tales

I'm so excited. This afternoon I was invited to go along to my son's after school writing class to read one of the stories from Teapot Tales: a collection of unique fairy tales next Wednesday afternoon! This will be the first time that I'm reading one of the stories from one of my books. Mr N is attending the Write Away With Me program. If you have children who are interested in writing, this … [Read more...]

Teapot Tales – Now available

I'm so excited - Teapot Tales: a collection of unique fairy tales is now available, both in print and online. This is my first book and having it here in my hot little hands is the best feeling. I already have two little boys lining up for their copies, signed of course! This book is a collection of fractured and new fairy tales written by 21 different authors from around the World. Some you … [Read more...]