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Is there a place you go that inspires you to write more, or that just helps you get into the mood to write?

I must admit that most nights I sit on the couch in my lounge room with my laptop to write. This has more to do with practicality than inspiration. I dream of having a house with a writing retreat of some sort so I can escape into the World of my mind... but that is down the track. I enjoy browsing Pinterest & similar sites for the writing nook of other authors. Now, I was going to take a … [Read more...]

When did you first become serious about writing and know you wanted to be an author?

The answer to this post relates back to a question from a few weeks ago. I have wanted to write books for years and I made a serious effort in the late 1990s to get a picture book published. I also submitted a proposal for a book about baby and bridal showers. Both of these were rejected. In the case of the baby and bridal shower book, the feedback was they didn't think there was enough of a … [Read more...]

What genre do you write?

I'm not sure I can pick a single genre - much to the annoyance of my web designer when she was trying to design this site. My writing is a bit of a mixed bag. I write a number of different things - from fractured fairy tales to picture books, from chapter books to novels (none of these are actually completed yet!), from business books to flash fiction. Oh, and I also have a number of blogs that … [Read more...]

What is the worst part of being a writer?

Right now, the worst part is time. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head, but don't have as much time as I would like to write them all down. This is one of the reasons I write a lot of flash fiction as they are shorter pieces and fit in a busy life. I also see a lot of amazing writers conferences and events around the country. These would be beneficial to expand my networks and improve … [Read more...]

My Writing Process – Blog Tour

I was asked to join in this blog tour by Karen Tyrrell. You can read her post here. I've also done this post on my writing blog, so I'm going to try and give more information. So, here goes… 1) What am I working on? I've just completed the first draft of my chapter book for this years Chapter Book Challenge. I'm quite happy with it, although it does need some work. I'm letting it sit for a … [Read more...]