What have I read – May

May started off with a new novel by Hayley Solich, Ready: Charlotte. This was the realisation of a dream of hers and she wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo last year. The rest of the trilogy will be coming soon. I also finished How to Write Short Kindle Romance Books, and read Where's My Sandwich by Michelle Dennise. A few days ago, I started reading View from a Barred Window by … [Read more...]

What have I read – April

I did it! I finished reading Winter by Marissa Meyer during April! I thought it was taking ages, though I had friends comment on how quickly I finished it! I also had the joy to read Looking Glass Lies by Varina Denman. This is a powerful story that deals with issues of body image, domestic violence, mental illness, and much more. There were many moments that hit close to home, but it was well … [Read more...]

What have I read – March

March started with me finishing The Chocolate Promise by Josephine Moon. I continued with reading the first four books of the Jackson Payne series by Adam Wallace. These are fun, clever books with a powerful message. I was reading them at the same time as my 13 year old. He read them in order, I didn't! But God, Wouldn't I be More Useful to You if I Were Healthy? by Esther Smith was an … [Read more...]

What have I read – February

February is always a slower month for reading, and this year was no exception. Life was getting back to normal with school, work, after school activities, and more. This year, my older son was in hospital for a week, giving me less time for reading than I would like. I started the month reading Evan's Gallipoli by Kerry Greenwood. I love her Phryne Fisher books and this book has been … [Read more...]

What have I read – January

Writers are also readers. At the end of each month, I'll share a summary of what books I've read. You can read all my reviews on my GoodReads profile. January was a great month for reading. My 13 year old son and I went on camp for a week and we managed to listen to two audio books and I read a few books! The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory was my first book for January. I started it … [Read more...]